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All Areas of Marital and Family Law

Joseph Jameson practices exclusively in the area of marital and family law. This includes a wide range of matters including dissolution of marriage, parenting plans, paternity, premarital agreements, support modification and enforcement actions.

Contested Divorce

Attorney Jameson will have a thorough understanding of the issues in your case based on 19 years of experience. Having practiced in Collier County during that time, he will be familiar with the family court judge presiding over your case and opposing counsel. He will meet with you personally to develop the material facts of your case and will always provide you with an honest assessment of the case. He will be cognizant of the costs to you and will pursue alternatives to costly litigation when possible.

During the initial consultation, we will review the issues in the order that the Court will address them, using the acronym PEACE:
  1. Parenting issues including time sharing schedule and decision making;
  2. Equitable distribution of marital assets and debts by identifying and valuing each asset including interests in businesses, pensions and real estate;
  3. Alimony including temporary, bridge the gap, rehabilitative, durational and permanent alimony;
  4. Child support including health insurance and child care; and
  5. Everything else including the retainer fees and seeking reimbursement for fees and costs from the opposing party.

Uncontested Divorce

The quickest and easiest solution for obtaining a divorce in Florida may be a flat fee divorce. As long as you have lived in Florida for more than six months and you have reached an agreement with your spouse on all issues related to your divorce including the division of your assets and debts and child parenting and support, then you may seek an uncontested divorce.

Attorney Jameson has practiced marital and family law in Florida for 19 years and has represented hundreds of clients in every aspect of family law. He will use his extensive experience to personally assist you through the each step in the process of an uncontested divorce.

The entire process can be completed within 30 days of each spouse signing a marital settlement agreement. You will not have to attend a hearing in court if your case is uncontested.

Flat Fee Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, Attorney Jameson will quote a flat fee plus costs to facilitate and expedite the uncontested and amicable settlement. This is the most affordable way to get divorced but it still requires the filing of the petition for dissolution, answer and waiver, full disclosure via exchange of financial affidavits, compliance or agreed waiver of mandatory disclosure requirements, a marital settlement agreement and final judgment of dissolution of marriage. In an uncontested divorce, you will not be required to attend the final hearing. The flat fee retainer will be determined based upon the assets and liabilities of the marriage, whether there are children involved requiring a parenting plan and child support, and any other issues related to the marriage that must be addressed.

Child Support

I employ software to precisely calculate child support based upon the parents’ respective net incomes as well as the cost of day-care and health insurance. The calculation factors in the consequence of the tax deductions for the minor children as well as the time sharing schedule. Often the main issue with child support concerns the identification of all sources of income of the payor parent in order to calculate the appropriate level of support.

Income withholding orders are available to collect support directly from payor parent’s employer.

Parenting Plans

Parenting plans define your rights and responsibilities as a parent including, but not limited to, weekly time sharing schedules (formerly known as custody and visitation), holiday and summer schedules, exchanges, transportation, school registration and communication between parents. I will draft the plan that best fits your needs whether it be based upon an equal time sharing schedule, long distance time sharing or any other issue unique to your family’s circumstances.


Relocation with minor children is a difficult issue that is now governed largely by statute. I can assist you in resolving the complicated issues associated with relocation.

Step-Parent Adoption

I will guide you on step by step to navigate the legal process and prepare the necessary documents to finalize your step parent adoption.


The recent efforts to legislate massive changes in Florida’s alimony laws were defeated by veto. However, it is likely there will be less dramatic changes to the alimony laws of our state in the near future. I will keep you informed of the changes as they are proposed and passed into law. We will diligently research all relevant types of alimony including permanent periodic alimony, durational alimony, rehabilitative alimony and bridge the gap alimony. We will address all of the factors determining whether alimony is appropriate including need and ability to pay.

Property Division

In Florida, marital property is divided based on the concept of equitable distribution. Equitable means fair and fair does not always mean an even split. What is fair. The answer to the question depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to the length of the marriage and respective incomes of the spouses. We will identify the marital assets and debts including interests in businesses and professional practices, pensions and real estate. We will diligently search for concealed assets including the use of foresnic accounts to trace hidden assets and income.

Recovery of Attorney Fees and Costs

You may be entitled to attorney fees and costs contribution from your opposing party especially when that party earns substantially more than you do or they engage in unnecessary litigation. There is extensive case law in Florida addressing the issue of when and how to recover attorney fees from the opposing party. I am well versed in this area and will always seeks fees and costs when appropriate.

Modification of Support and Enforcement Actions including Contempt and Enforcement

Due to changed circumstances, it may become necessary to modify your final judgment with regard to support or parenting. In the alternative, you may need to enforce the terms of the final judgment including finding the opposing party in contempt for non-payment of court ordered support or preventing your time sharing. I have extensive experience in these matters and will vigorously represent your interests.

Premarital, Postnuptial And Cohabitation Agreements

In order to clearly express the parties’ intention during the relationship and in the event of death or separation and to eliminate future disputes and costly litigation, parties may wish to execute an agreement addressing these issues in advance. I can assist you in drafting such an agreement tailored to your specific concerns and enforceable through our courts.


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